Christmas Q & A

Q; Do I need to bring my own saw to cut down my Christmas tree?

A: You do not! We provide hands saws to allow for safe cutting and to get that full experience of cutting down your own Christmas tree! 😉

Q; I've never been to cut down a tree before, what do I do?

A: When arriving at the farm, we ask that you pull up to our shop area so we can greet you and give you full instructions of where you can go, pricing, and etc. After you've cut your tree you will drag your tree back to the shop where we will put it on the shaker (make sure there's  no squirrels 😉) measure, give it a fresh/level cut, and give you your ticket to go pay for your tree & check out the gift shop! 

Check out this link for Proper Christmas Tree Care of the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association.

Q: Do you take Credit Cards?

A: Yes, we do. We honor both credit & debits cards. We also take personal check and good old cash!

Q: Is it possible to come out and get our tree on Thanksgiving Day?

A: No. We are a family farm and we place great emphasis on taking Thanksgiving day to spend it with family. We work non-stop for several weeks leading up to Christmas season. Thanksgiving day is our one and only day off until Christmas. We hope you can respect this!

Q: Will you strap my tree to my car?

A. No, we will not. Due to liability concerns and only having family members we do not have the time and man power to strap trees to your vehicle. We suggest bringing a truck or small trailer. If that is not an option, you will be responsible for tying down your tree.