• Tree & Shrub Moving - We have 4 spade trucks available for our transplanting services. Our two smaller spade trucks are able to move trees that are 5 inches or less in diameter. Our two larger spade trucks are able to move trees 12 inches in or less in diameter. You can purchase trees from the farm or transplant your own trees. Check out our inventory list for availability. Spade trucks are able to move both Conifer & Deciduous trees.

**Conifer Tree = Evergreens

** Deciduous Tree = Tree with leaves that fall off yearly

  • Chemical Application - Lloyd is a certified chemical applicator. He specializes in both diagnosing & treating both Conifer and Deciduous trees for different diseases. A diseased tree can spread to other trees and eventually cause trees to die. We recommend preventative spraying as some times trees are too far gone to treat.

  • Tree Planting - Purchasing trees from us? We can plant them for you too! Pricing depends on quantity and mileage.

  • Bareroot and container sales - We have a variety of potted trees & shrubs. Check out our inventory list. This is a great option for you to take a tree home and plant yourself!

Large spade truck is able to move trees 12 inch in diameter.

Small spade truck is able to move trees 5 inch in diameter.